Open Records

The governing body of each municipality must publish the full accounts of its meetings. The publication is to appear in the official newspaper of the municipality, or if there is no official newspaper, any legal newspaper which serves the municipality. The proceedings must be published within thirty days after each meeting(§9-18-1). The publication must include a detailed statement of all expenditures of money, showing the names of all persons who received remuneration as well as the service provided (§9-19-1). It is further required that the finance officer deliver a copy of the proceedings to be published in the official newspaper within one week after the meeting (§9-18-1.1). 

If a meeting is required to be open to the public, and if any printed material relating to an agenda item of the meeting is distributed before the meeting to all members of the governing body, the material shall either be posted on the governing body’s website or made available at city hall at least twenty-four hours prior to the meeting or at the time the material is distributed to the governing body, whichever is later. If the material is not posted to the governing body’s website, at least one copy of the printed material shall be available in the meeting room for inspection by any person while the governing body is considering the printed material. These requirements do not apply to materials exempt from disclosure or to printed material or records related to an agenda item of an executive or closed meeting (§1-27-1.16). 

The law requires every municipal officer to keep a record of the official acts and proceedings of his office. These records must be open for public inspection during business hours under reasonable restrictions (§9-18-2). 

Documentary material or data which consists of trade secrets or commercial or financial information made or received by a municipality or an economic development corporation receiving municipal funds for the purpose of furnishing assistance to a business is not a public record (§9-34-19). 

Patient information identifying the patient’s name, address, diagnosis, or treatment received by an ambulance is not a public record and is confidential (§34-11-5.1).

Open Records and Open Meetings Law

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