2016 Hall of Fame Inductees

2016 Hall of Fame Inductees
The SDML Hall of Fame honors those elected and appointed officials and employees 
who have served municipalities in South Dakota for 20 or more years. 

The SDML Hall of Fame is ongoing, if 20 years of service is completed by September 30, 2017 you are eligible to be inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2017 at the SDML Annual Conference in Sioux Falls.
Nomination forms will be available with other conference information in 2017.

(PDF with photos)

Sharon Mins, Belle Fourche, 20 Years
Sharon Mins began her municipal employment as Finance Officer with the City of Miller in February 1996. She moved to Belle Fourche in January 2011 to serve as Finance Officer there and currently holds that position. Over the years she has had the pleasure of working with six Mayors, over 40 Council Members and many great city employees. Her advice to new fellow Finance Officers: “As soon as you think you have this position mastered; it will change, so attend as much SDML training as you can to keep up with the never-ending changes.” Sharon and her husband of 47 years Ron, have two married children and eight grandchildren. Sharon enjoys the scenic Black Hills, spending quiet time in her “country home” in Belle Fourche and as much time as possible with family. 

Anthony Bradley, Deadwood, 22 Years
Anthony Bradley has worked a combined total of 22 years for both the City of Deadwood and the City of Lead. He started out working for the City of Deadwood Street Department and within two years moved into Law Enforcement where he has held several positions. He currently works for the City of Deadwood Police Department as a Sergeant, but has also been an Ordinance Officer, Patrolman and D.A.R.E Officer. 

Kelly Fuller, Deadwood, 21 Years
Kelly Fuller has been employed with the City of Deadwood for 21 years, and has been Chief of Police for the past 14 years. He has also held the positions of Police Sergeant, Patrol Officer, Firearms Instructor, Ordinance Officer and Parks Technician. Kelly was awarded the Coler-Willliams Award which was presented at the Criminal Justice Training Center in Pierre (95th Session of Basic LET Certification), and was named Deadwood Police Officer of the Year in 1997 and 1999. 

Ken Hawki, Deadwood, 32 Years
Ken Hawki has been employed by the City of Deadwood for 32 years, currently serving as Fire Maintenance/Fire Executive Officer, as well as Training Officer. He has held numerous positions within the department, including Fire Chief for 12 years. Ken has been a member of the Deadwood Fire Department, SD Firefighters Association, SD Fire Service Instructors Association, SD Arson Investigators Association, SD Fire Chiefs Association and Joint Council. In addition to working for the Fire Department, Ken is an Assistant Emergency Manager for Lawrence County; an EMT and CPR Instructor for Black Hills Ambulance Service where he was EMT of the Year in 2012; and sits on the SD Incident Management Team. 

Robert Lester, Deadwood, 21 Years
Rob Lester began employment with the City of Deadwood as a Police Reserve Officer in 1994 and was hired full-time in the Police Department in April of 1995. He is currently a Corporal for the department as well as a School Resource Officer, A.L.I.C.E. Instructor and D.A.R.E Instructor. Other positions he has held are Patrolman, Reserve Coordinator, DUI Instructor, Pepper Spray Instructor and Sergeant. Rob was awarded Officer of the Year in 1998 and has had four Department Level Commendations. Rob has been married to Heather for 19 years and has three children: Kayla, Robert and Allison.

Trent Rachetto, Deadwood, 20 Years
Trent Rachetto graduated from Lead High School in 1989. He then attended the University of South Dakota, graduating with a BA in physical education and minored in History and Therapeutic Recreation. He started for the Parks Department as a seasonal employee going full-time in 1996. Trent enjoys watching sports and classic TV, reading, and is an avid golfer. He enjoys working all kinds of jobs, but his favorite is cutting grass and making the community look nice. Trent likes working with all his co-workers, past and present. 

Donovan Renner, Deadwood, 21 Years
Donovan Renner has worked in the Water Department since 1995. In 2000, he took over duties as Water Superintendent and has been in that position ever since. He will retire in October of 2016 and plans to concentrate more on the issues of the town of Central City where he lives. He plans on enjoying retirement with his wife, Maggie, as well as working on his house and yard, traveling and fishing. 

Georgeann Silvernail, Deadwood, 22 Years
Georgeann Silvernail served as a Deadwood City Commissioner for 22 years. She sat on the City’s Improvement Planning Committee and took great pride overseeing improvements on the Mickelson Trail, Mt. Moriah Cemetery, and the Deadwood Recreation and Aquatic Center. During her years of service she served on various boards and committees, including Neighborhood Housing, Black Hills Council of Local Government, and the SD Municipal League’s Public Health, Safety, and Welfare Policy Committee. Georgeann would like to bless all who have been a part of her life; her family, her church, and the residents and employees of Deadwood. 

Douglas Bell, Huron, 20 Years
Doug Bell has been employed with the City in the Water-Sewer Department and has his Certification III. He wrote “working for the City of Huron for the past 20 years has been rewarding for me. Working with underground utilities is always a challenge. It’s a whole different world down there. I have met a lot of interesting people and thank the City of Huron for the experience. I am married to my wife, Theresa. We have two sons: Justin, Jason and one daughter: Shayla.”

Paullyn Carey, Huron, 20 Years
Paullyn Carey, Finance Director for the City of Huron has 15 years with Huron and five years previously with Wall. She is active on boards and committees in Huron. She is married to Blaine and they have three daughters: Sidney, Kallie and Tatum. In the summers, she and her family are very active in 4H rodeo. 

Daniel Vetsch Jr., Huron, 20 Years
Daniel Vetsch started as a volunteer fire fighter in 1991 and went full time with the City as a Fireman in 1996. Back then, the ranks were 2nd Class Fireman (Fire Fighter) for two years to 1st Class Fireman (Fire Lieutenant) for 13 years and as a Fire Captain for the past five years. He is married to Melissa and they have two daughters: Whitney, Cally and one son: Daniel. 

Delores Kangas, Lake Norden, 21 Years
Delores Kangas has served as the Finance Officer for the City of Lake Norden since 1995. During her years as Finance Officer, Kangas also has served eleven years as a board member on the Lake Norden Ambulance District and seven years on the Lake Norden Fire District Boards. Currently, Kangas serves as the Secretary-Treasurer for the Lake Norden Community Center Association. Kangas and her husband, Gordon, were both born and raised in rural Lake Norden. Delores and Gordon have three daughters: Jody, Shari and Emily and six sons: Ernest, Kyle, Joe, Eric, Adam and Jon. 

Barbara Sprinkel, Lead, 22 Years
Barbara Sprinkel began working for the City of Lead in May 1995. Her initial assignment was Police Department Administrative Assistant, a position she still holds today. Barb has seen many changes in law enforcement, including record keeping, police department staffing and community needs. She is the constant presence that a dynamic department needs; assisting new officers, developing electronic data and a great first contact for the community. Barb works with the city staff at the City Desk and assists with records in the Building Department. 

Roger Thomas, Lead, 20 Years
Roger Thomas began his career in the City of Lead in November 1995 as an equipment operator. Roger immediately began sharpening his skills with snow removal in the City of Lead. Roger was the Motor Grader operator in more snow storms than can be counted and was seen with his Grouch hat every holiday season in town. Roger advanced to Utilities Superintendent in October 2013. He has been instrumental in many upgrades to the infrastructure, at all times of the day and in all kind of weather. Roger enjoys hunting and home improvement. Roger is a veteran, having served in the United States Marine Corps.

John Wainman, Jr., Lead, 20 Years
John Wainman, Jr. began his career in law enforcement in Lead, SD in January 1996. John has served as an Officer and Assistant Police Chief and is currently the Police Chief in Lead, a position he began in June 2002. John is instrumental to the operations of the community and is very involved with the youth of the community. John has a great talent in building cooperation amongst various groups, individuals and agencies. John comes from a family of law enforcement officers, his father and his brother both serving as law enforcement officers in South Dakota. John is a veteran, having served in the United States Army.

David Tipton, Lennox, 21 Years
David Tipton began working for the City of Lennox in the street department on October 9, 1995 and was promoted to Street Superintendent in 1996. David has overseen street improvement projects throughout the city and supervises the day to day needs of the street department. David is married to Jan and has two children: Macy and Tanner. 

Cheryle Eichmann, Madison, 20 Years
Cheryle Eichmann began her career with the Madison Police Department in 1994 working part time. The position eventually increased to full time and progressed from answering phones and filing paperwork to being the Administrative Assistant serving 11 officers. Each day brings new challenges and responsibilities. She is responsible for the Lake County Sex Offender registry, handling the daily tasks of assisting officers and maintaining all records, assisting the public as well as other law enforcement agencies and community organizations. There have been numerous changes in law enforcement in the past 20 years which makes her job both interesting and rewarding.

Jerry Seitz, Madison, 20 Years
Jerry Seitz began working for the City of Madison Electric Department in 1995 as an electrician and holds an Electrical Contractors License. In 2000, he was promoted to Lead Lineman and in 2016 moved on to Foreman. The thing he likes the most about his job is serving the people of Madison and helping to supply the most reliable electrical system possible. 

Rickie Coyle, Philip, 40 Years
Rickie “Rick” Coyle started his career with City of Philip as a Street Maintenance Worker in September 1976. He was later promoted to Street Superintendent in January 1979; and then, Street/Sewer Superintendent in October 1985. He has and continues to holds both water and wastewater certifications as well as numerous other certifications. He is also very active in the community – Philip Scottie’s bus driver and the official “ball boy” at football games. He also served many years on the Philip Ambulance Service. He is married with two daughters and four grandchildren.

Kit Graham, Philip, 25 Years
Kit Graham started his law enforcement career in 1975. He worked for various departments over the years including that of the SD Highway Patrol and County law. His first municipal police officer job was with the City of Pierre in 1981. He later came to Philip and worked as the Chief of Police from 1983 to 1985. In 1994, he returned to the City of Philip and held the Chief’s position until retiring on May 31, 2016. He has been active in many various organizations over the years. His much deserving retirement will allow him more time for hunting and fishing. He is married and together they have five daughters and twelve grandchildren. 

Monna Van Lint, Philip, 21 Years
Monna Van Lint has been the City of Philip Finance Officer since August 29, 1995. As a small town finance officer, she has been required to wear many hats. She has overseen the financials of numerous improvement projects from infrastructure to the airport and swimming pool. She is also well versed in the history of Philip as well as the ordinances and codified laws. To date, she has worked with three mayors and twenty-three Council Members. She is active in the SD Governmental Finance Officers’ Association as well as the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Philip. She is married with three children and is expecting her fifth grandchild this fall.

Vern Hill, Plankinton, 25 Years
Vern Hill epitomizes the dedicated and professional utilities superintendent that all cities dream of having on their staff. He is, without a doubt, the catalyst that has ensured and continues to ensure that the streets, water, wastewater and electrical are maintained in the highest state of readiness. Major projects include new water and wastewater projects, including a new water tower; a major main street renovation project with minimal impact on the business community and a major lagoon enlargement project. No matter the project size, it has Vern’s imprint on it. In addition, he served as the Plankinton Volunteer Fire Department Fire Chief for many years and continues to serve as a volunteer firefighter. 

Eric Bowers, Spearfish, 20 Years
Eric Bowers started in November of 1995. Eric assists the Facility Maintenance Department in the afternoons sprucing up City Hall. Eric likes to attend all City and community functions.

Tom Callaway, Spearfish, 33 Years
Tom Callaway started in October of 1982 as a Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator. In March of 1987 he received his Class III Wastewater Treatment Operator certification from the State of SD. In May of 2002, Tom was promoted to the Environmental Services Manager where he oversees the Solid Waste department, Storm Water, Water/Wastewater Utilities department, and Wastewater Treatment Facility. Tom will be retiring toward the end of 2016.

Boyd Dean, Spearfish, 20 Years
Boyd Dean started with the City as a part-time Police Dispatcher in November of 1994 then moved to a full-time Police Dispatcher in October 1995. Prior to the Police Dispatch positions Boyd served as a Reserve Police Officer (which is mostly volunteer). Boyd was promoted to a Police Officer in March of 1996, Police Sergeant in June of 2004 and Police Lieutenant in July of 2010. Boyd has great attention to detail which has helped the professionalism of the Spearfish Police Department. 

Keith Hepper, Spearfish, 30 Years
Keith Hepper started with the City as a Seasonal Laborer in April of 1986. He was assigned to D.C. Booth Fish Hatchery when the City was maintaining the hatchery for the Fish and Wildlife Service. He was promoted in May of 1986 to the Foreman to Parks, Recreation & Fisheries and in 1989 was promoted to Parks, Recreation & Forestry Superintendent. Keith efforts have made Spearfish a beautiful place to live and play.

Curt Jacobs, Spearfish, 25 Years
Curt Jacobs started with the City as a sanitation truck driver in April of 1988 and resigned this position in October of the same year. Curt started volunteering as a Reserve Officer in August of 1988 and continued as a Reserve Officer until he was re-hired at the City as a Police Officer in May of 1991. During his time as a Police Officer, Curt was assigned to K-9 Handler and his partner was Bear, a German Shepard. He was assigned to the School Resource Officer in December of 2002, promoted to Police Sergeant in February of 2003, promoted to Police Lieutenant in June of 2004 and then to Assistant Police Chief in December of 2012. 

Howard Jacobs, Spearfish, 20 Years
Howard Jacobs started with the City as a Rubble Site Operator in September on 1996 on a part-time basis and continues in that position still today. Among other duties, Howard is responsible for maintaining the Restricted Use Site’s compost pile.

Kathy Klumb, Spearfish, 31 Years
Kathy Klumb started with the library in September of 1985 on a part-time basis and then moved to full-time in February of 1990. Kathy is the Technical Services Librarian and is responsible for keeping track of all of the items in the library and cataloging them in a way that makes them easy for staff and patrons to find. She has been responsible for the collection for much of her career and therefore knows the collection better than anyone. 

Tom Paisley, Spearfish, 20 Years
Tom Paisley started with the City in May of 1996 as the Building Inspector. In January of 2000 Tom was promoted to the Building Official, a new position within the City of Spearfish. Tom’s department adopts the latest edition of the codes every three years and Tom is instrumental in educating his staff, contractors and the public who are involved in the building construction industry.

Darin Pedneau, Spearfish, 20 Years
Darin Pedneau started with the City as a Reserve Officer (volunteer) in October of 1994. He was hired in October of 1995 as a part-time Police Dispatcher. He was moved to full-time in April of 1996. Darin was promoted to a Police Officer in May of 1998 and then to Police Detective in August of 2004. Darin has been recognized for his instrumental efforts in changing laws governing synthetic drugs and has also been recognized by federal law enforcement agencies for his work in the synthetic drug industry.

Tim Robison, Spearfish, 25 Years
Tim Robison started with the City in February of 1990 as a Water & Sewer Operator. Tim tested and received all his certifications from the State of SD, moving to an Operator II in March of 2000, and then to an Operator III in December of 2001. Tim was moved to Foreman in April of 2003. Tim retired in May of 2016.

Harley Verhulst, Spearfish, 30 Years
Harley Verhulst started in November of 1985 as a Sanitation Driver, promoted to an Equipment Operator/Street Tech in January of 1989 and continued in this position throughout his employment. Harley retired in June of 2016. 

Paul Young, Spearfish, 20 Years
Paul Young’s final three-year term expired in May 2016. Paul was first elected in to the Spearfish City Council in 1996 and has served 20 years. Paul is most proud of the City’s purchase of Lookout Mountain; the 2004 purchase and subsequent licensing of the Hydroelectric Plant through the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to maintain creek flow through Spearfish; and the acquisition of the airport from the County, which is underway and awaiting Federal Aviation Administration approval. “I’ve taken the baton and hopefully carried on and made Spearfish a better place, and passed the baton off to somebody else, and they can continue doing great things that Spearfish has to do.” Young said.

Kevin Aga, Sturgis, 21 Years
Kevin Aga was hired by the City of Sturgis in May 1995 as a Sanitation Operator. He also spent some time working at the City’s Rubble Site before transferring to the Streets Department in December 2001. As a Heavy Equipment Operator, Kevin worked on the installation of the Sturgis sign, the Sly Hill guard rail, and the 7th Street creek crossing bridge. Kevin is currently responsible for the City’s traffic painting projects each summer. In addition to working full-time, Kevin is responsible for his family’s ranch. Kevin is an avid competitive race car driver as well as a devoted father.

Fay Bueno, Sturgis, 20 Years
After almost 15 years in the private sector, Fay Bueno graduated from BHSU (Accounting). Her municipal career started in May 1996 with Whitewood. She moved to Sturgis to serve as Finance Officer in August 2007. Fay is responsible for Sturgis’s $19 million budget and all corresponding financial controls. Recently she was involved with Sturgis’s forays into interfund financing of TIFs. She is a certified City Clerk. Fay has served 10+ years on the SD Public Funds Investment Trust and three years on the SD Municipal League’s Board. She was also a founding member of the Black Hills Finance Officers’ Group.

Drew Grotti, Sturgis, 22 Years
Sgt. Grotti’s law enforcement career started with the US Air Force security police in 1986. After being stationed both internationally and at Ellsworth AFB, Sgt. Grotti returned to civilian life in 1990 with an Honorable Discharge. He started as a reserve officer for the Sturgis Police Department in 1994 and then joined the department as a full-time Patrol Officer in June 1996. In 2002, he become a Detective, investigating narcotics and drug crimes. Sgt. Grotti was promoted to Sergeant Detective in 2009 and is currently responsible for the PD’s Investigations Division as well as investigating all crimes against people. 

Rod Heikes, Sturgis, 20 Years
Rod Heikes was hired in 1996 as Program Director for the Sturgis Community Center after two years working for the Rapid City YMCA. In 1998 he was promoted to the position of Director and daily puts his Recreation degree to good use. Under his tenure, the Center created and developed its K-2nd grade recreation programs for basketball and flag football, which are now the most popular programs offered. Rod has enjoyed watching kids grow-up, graduate from our programs, work at the Center and move on to other successes in life, which sometimes includes Rod being invited to the occasional wedding.

Bob Looby, Sturgis, 21 Years
Bob Looby was hired in August 1995 as a part-time Front Desk Attendant for the Sturgis Community Center and he continues to be the face of the Front Desk each weekday afternoon. Through the years, Bob has enjoyed watching “kids be kids”, observing them play in the facility’s lobby and gym. From his post, Bob also serves as a reliable source of information for visitors about both the Center and the wider Sturgis community. Recently he has enjoyed seeing infrastructure and amenity improvements come to fruition at the Center, improvement about which he takes pride in sharing.

Mike Plaggemeyer, Sturgis, 20 Years
Mike Plaggemeyer started with the Sturgis Sanitation Department in January 1996, where he was helped transition from rear loader to automated garbage trucks. After three years, he transferred to Streets, then moving to Wastewater in 2001. Mike was a member of the City team recognized nationally by the EPA Region 8 for outstanding wastewater system operations and maintenance. Mike was promoted to Wastewater Superintendent in 2014 and recently led the City’s project to slip line 13,000 feet of old clay pipes as well as the smoke testing project. Mike is currently looking at the upcoming wastewater system’s expansion from lagoon to plant. 

Bob Walker, Sturgis, 34 Years
Bob Walker has almost 35 years municipal service, starting just after the 1972 flood working for the Rapid City Public Works Department. After leaving in 1978, Bob returned to City government in late 1982 to work for Sturgis’s Sanitation Department. Bob left in 1987 for private industry, but couldn’t stay away long, returning to Sturgis’s sanitation crew in 1988. Bob then transferred to become the Street Sweeper and worked in that capacity for 20 years. In 2009 he pursued an opportunity in private industry. Then, even though he had retired, Bob returned in July 2015 and is now Sturgis’s part-time Street Sweeper.

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