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South Dakota Municipal League

2010 Hall of Fame Inductees

2010 Hall of Fame Inductees
The SDML Hall of Fame honors those elected and appointed officials and employees  
who have served municipalities in South Dakota for 20 or more years  

(PDF with photos)

Michael Kezar, Alcester, 30 Years

Michael Kezar was hired as Finance Officer in March of 1980 and over those 30 years he has gained knowledge and experience to help lead the city on the financial side of water and wastewater projects, along with street projects and the swimming pool renovation. He has had no formal education in finance and has learned all from talking to others. In his spare time he coaches and referees junior high basketball games, is the official scorekeeper at all basketball games and writes sports for the local paper. He has run the Summer Recreation program, has coached and umpired baseball and softball. He has run two state Teener baseball tournaments one week apart in the same year.

Patty Engebretson, Belle Fourche, 32 Years
As Library Director, Patty has been working in libraries since she was in the 9th grade and working part-time at the Pierre Carnegie Library. It’s the only work she ever wanted to do. She came to Belle Fourche in 1978 and directed the move into the new library in March of that year. In 1987 she was South Dakota’s Librarian of the Year. She oversaw the publication of the Butte County History. The local and state history collections have always been a priority for her. Her hobbies are reading and genealogy. She is married to Doug and is a proud mom and grandma.

Wanda Nelson, Belle Fourche, 22 Years
Wanda started working part-time at the library in 1986. She began full-time employment in 1988 and became Assistant Librarian/Children’s Librarian in 1991. Since becoming Children’s Librarian, she has revitalized the Summer Reading Program, tripling participation. She has increased the young adult section to attract teen readers to the library. She continues to fill both of these positions at the present time. She is also the “go to” person for the library’s computers. Wanda is married to Jim and is the mother of three.

Cameron Rinegar, Belle Fourche, 23 Years
Twenty-three years ago I never thought I’d still be working at the Belle Fourche landfill. I’ve seen quite a few changes over the years. The one that stands out to me is when we decided to go to a balefill operation. The thing I’ve enjoyed most about my job is the people I’ve worked with over the years and the new people I meet.

Curtis Kludt, Beresford, 32 Years
Curtis Kludt has worked for the cities of Iroquois, Redfield and Beresford for a total of 31 years as finance officer and retired from Beresford in April of 2004 and is enjoying retirement life very much. Curtis also served one term as council person for the City of Iroquois. He also went through the chairs of SD Finance Officers’ Association.

Dennis Olson, Brandon, 24 Years
Dennis Olson served Brandon as Finance Officer/City Administrator for over 24 years, guiding city expansion, including a water treatment plant, sewer pipeline to Sioux Falls, swimming pool, fire station, library, conference center, and golf course improvements. Olson’s leadership helped earn the Community of the Year Award in 2005 and 2008 and the Excellence in Economic Development Achievement Award in 2009. Olson earned numerous awards serving on several boards and foundations. These include SDML Board of Directors; Chairman of SDML District 3; President of SDML; Chairman of SDML Public Health, Safety and Welfare Policy Committee; SD Public Assurance Alliance Board of Directors and MCEDA.

Allyn Frerichs, Brookings, 49 Years
Allyn Frerichs started employment with the City of Brookings on January 1, 1961 and has been Director of Park, Recreation and Forestry since 1972. He received a Horticulture and Landscape Design degree from SDSU. Over the past 49 years, Allyn was instrumental in the development of Edgebrook Golf Course, Hillcrest Tennis Courts, Larson Ice Arena, Fishback Soccer Complex, Hillcrest Aquatic Center, and the Streetscape project. A special interest has been developing a close relationship with the Brookings School system, resulting in a school/park concept that puts neighborhood parks adjacent to schools, thereby, maximizing community joint use of both facilities.

Robert McGrath, Brookings, 31 Years
Robert McGrath was hired with the City of Brookings on July 9, 1979. For 31 years, he has held the position of Director of Solid Waste Management and Deputy Health Officer.  Bob has a Bachelor of Science in both Microbiology and Health Science. Current certifications include: NEHA Registered Sanitarian and SWANA Manager of Landfill Operations. Bob sited, developed and operated the first Subtitle D Landfill in the State of South Dakota. He was appointed by Governor Mickelson to the State Emergency Response Commission in 1991 and served as Chairperson through 2010.

Garry Ladwig, Bryant, 27 Years
Garry Ladwig started as the Bryant City Superintendent in November 1980, in charge of the utilities, sewer, streets, and parks. In June 1985, Garry left city employment, returning in August 1988 to the same position, which he continues to hold today. Responsible for all the aforementioned duties at all hours, day and night, Garry is a “Jack of all trades.” And though his work keeps him very busy, he still dedicates time to help his family and friends. Garry’s commitment to and compassion for Bryant and his community are truly appreciated.

Richard Bailey, Burke, 30 Years
Richard began working for the City of Burke in June 1970 when he was hired as Superintendent of Utilities. Richard retired in March of 2000 after 30 years of service as the Superintendent of Utilities. Rich was instrumental in upgrading the city’s electrical system from 2400 volt to 7200 volt and also upgrading the wire size all throughout the city. Rich also obtained the designation of PCB free for all the city transformers. Richard and his wife Margaret Ann reside in Burke.

Rod Hartog, Burke, 28 Years
Rod was elected in his first and only election to the Burke City Council in April 1965 and served as councilman until April 1973 when he was elected as Mayor. Rod continued to be Mayor for the City of Burke until 1985 when he was appointed as Finance Officer after Finance Officer Louis Tolstedt passed away in November 1985. Rod resigned as Finance Officer in June 1992 and was employed at First Fidelity Bank in Burke. Rod served as SDML President in 1991-1992. Rod and his wife Pauline reside in Burke.

Dennis Hoffman, Burke, 30 Years
I went to work for the city of Burke on November 1, 1980 and I’m still here. I told the City Fathers I’d work until spring, and spring hasn’t come yet. I became Chief of Police September of 1986 when my Chief retired. I work the city myself along with the Sheriff Department when I’m gone. A lot of changes have happened in the 30 years I’ve been here. I’m married to a RN who takes care of me and I have six children from a previous marriage, we have one daughter, 14 years old.

Palmer Ericksen, Canton, 24 Years
Palmer Ericksen began his employment as Public Works Superintendent with the City of Canton on April 10, 1984. During his years of employment, he was instrumental in making numerous street, curb and gutter, and storm sewer improvements as well as setting up regular maintenance schedules. On February 27, 2009, Palmer retired from the city with almost 25 years of service.

Jeffrey Fossum, Canton, 24 Years
Jeffrey Fossum began his employment in the water department with the City of Canton on September 9, 1985. He has held the position of Water and Wastewater Superintendent since 1995. Jeff has been instrumental in increasing the efficiency of the water system by initiating the control upgrade to the SCADA system in 1997. He continued to improve and expand the system to include lift stations, wells, and a new aerated lagoon system in 2010.

Iris Schultz, Canton, 29 Years
Iris Schultz began her career with the City of Canton at the Canton Carnegie Library in 1981 as a library assistant. A new building was erected in 1989, and Iris was instrumental in the automation process of the library. In 1991, she became the Head, working tirelessly promoting children’s programming such as Story Time and the Summer Reading Program. While serving as director she upgraded library technology, going “online” with the card catalog. In July of 2006, Iris retired from her full time position and is now working part-time at the library sharing her knowledge and skills with the staff.

Ben Bjordal, Centerville, 22 Years
Ben Bjordal has been an appointed/elected official serving for 10 years as mayor and up to the present time as council member for 12 years for the City of Centerville for a total of 22 years. Ben has served on the Lewis & Clark Board since its conception and is still serving on the board at the present time. Ben has seen the project in almost a full circle from a dream to hopefully Centerville being connected in 2012.

Nancy Kludt, Centerville, 34 Years
Nancy Kludt has worked for the City of Centerville since November of 1976 when she was appointed treasurer due to the illness of Lynn Cope. She served in this capacity until August of 1982 when she was then appointed Assistant Finance Officer until August of 1987. In August of 1987 she was appointed Finance Officer and has held that position until the early part of 2011 when she will be retiring. Nancy has seen a lot of changes in the way the books are kept in the last 34 years and how the paper work has increased.

Lynn Paulsen, Clear Lake, 20 Years
Lynn Paulsen served continuously on the Clear Lake City Council from 1980-2010 when she decided not to seek re-election. Over the years, Lynn served terms as Council President, Vice-President and Alderman, always representing her ward’s best interest. While serving on the City Council, Lynn witnessed several new housing developments, a new water tower constructed, a community center built on Main Street, new lagoons, and many updates and improvements to the city’s water and sewer systems. Lynn was instrumental in implementing a reimbursement program for residents installing curb and gutter. Lynn enjoyed the SDML conferences, always eager to learn something new.

Alex Hamann, Deadwood, 20 Years
Alex Hamann has patrolled the City of Deadwood as a Police Officer since February of 1990. Some of Mr. Hamann’s duties as a police officer are to respond to all dispatched calls, including major crimes, civil complaints, thefts, assaults, family disputes and requests for assistance from citizens. He patrols streets, businesses and residential areas to enforce traffic and criminal laws and issue warnings or citations for violations. Mr. Hamann serves as a DARE Officer for the Lead-Deadwood Public School system. He also serves the City as a volunteer firefighter for the Deadwood Fire Department.

Ronda Morrison, Deadwood, 24 Years
Ronda Morrison has been an employee of the City of Deadwood since June of 1986. She was deputy finance officer from 1986 until 1991 when she became the assistant finance officer. Her knowledge gained through her 20 plus years of service to the City of Deadwood is an invaluable asset to the city. Some of Ms. Morrison’s duties as assistant finance officer are to manage all city payroll functions, report payroll figures to Internal Revenue Service and South Dakota Department of Labor. Ms. Morrison reconciles cash and all general ledger accounts. She also plans and coordinates all city elections with the finance officer. In addition, she maintains cemetery records and updates the employee policy manual. Ms. Morrison completed the South Dakota Municipal Clerk Leadership Program in 2010.

Francis Toscana, Deadwood, 20 Years
Francis Toscana has served the City of Deadwood in public office for over twenty years. Mr. Toscana served on the Planning and Zoning Commission before being elected as a City Commissioner in 1991. He was elected Mayor of the City of Deadwood in 2001. Mayor Toscana currently serves as Commissioner of the Historic Preservation, Planning & Zoning departments as well as Public Buildings and Safety. Mr. Toscana served as South Dakota Municipal League President in 2008-2009. He is currently the Chairman of the South Dakota Municipal League Workers’ Compensation Fund and is the Lead/Deadwood Sanitary District manager.

Bernadette Williams, Deadwood, 20 Years
The City of Deadwood hired Bernadette “Bernie” Williams, in February, 1990, just a few months after the inception of limited gaming. Prior to her hiring, she also had a brief stint on the Deadwood Planning and Zoning Commission. As Zoning Administrator, it was her job to review applications for amendments to the zoning text and/or official map, conditional use permits, variances and assure compliance with the zoning and subdivision ordinances. Ms. Williams was involved in the drafting of the City of Deadwood’s Comprehensive Plans. She was also involved in the rewriting of rules and regulations of the zoning and city codes. Ms. Williams passed away in November 2009 after a lengthy battle with cancer.

Norman Schuler, Eagle Butte, 24 Years
Police Chief

Dawn Glover, Elk Point, 26 Years
Dawn Glover has 26 years of service to the citizens of Elk Point. Dawn attended Elk Point High School and the University of South Dakota attaining a degree in Business Administration in 1980. In 1984 she started her municipal career working for the City of Elk Point as the Finance Officer which she held until 2004 and then she was appointed as City Administrator and continues in that position today. As for Dawn’s leadership and experience, she has overseen numerous expansion and reconstruction projects for the City of Elk Point. She oversees a staff of 16 full time employees, four departments, and provides answers to six council members and a mayor. Dawn is the executive director of the Elk Point Economic Development Corporation and the Elk Point Housing Redevelopment Commission.

Sharon Johnson, Erwin, 30 Years
Sharon Johnson has been on the Erwin Town Board at least 30 years. She started out as a Trustee, was Mayor then went to be the Clerk which she has been doing the longest. She enjoys the work and working with other members of the Board.

David Anderson, Groton, 20 Years
David Anderson served as Assistant Electric Superintendent for two years and as Electric Superintendent for 18 years. David retired due to illness, but served as consultant for another five years. David was originally from Pierpont. He and his wife have four children.

Deanna Hendrickson, Groton, 54 Years
Deanna Hendrickson started working for Groton City while she was in high school as the part-time clerk. In 1981 she became the full-time deputy Finance Officer until 1999. In 2000 Deanna was the first woman to be elected to the City Council and she served until 2010. She and her husband have two children.

Terry Herron, Groton, 33 Years
Terry Herron has served Groton’s Public Works Superintendent since 2007. He started as a public works laborer for two summers while he was in high school. Terry was hired as Assistant Street and Sewer Superintendent for seven years and Water Superintendent for 22 years. Terry and his wife have two children.

Daniel Johnson, Groton, 24 Years
Daniel D Johnson started as a summer public works laborer for two years while he was in high school. He progressed to two years of Assistant Electric and Water Superintendent. Then he became Water Superintendent for five years and finished with 15 years as Public Works Superintendent. He and his wife have two children.

Anita Lowary, Groton, 29 Years
Anita Lowary has been Finance Officer of Groton since August 1, 1981. She has been active in the Municipal League from the beginning and is now on the executive board as District 6 Chairman. She served as President of the SD Governmental Finance Officers’ Association in 1996-97. She has served on the General Government Committee for over 20 years. Anita is a IIMC Certified Municipal Clerk. She served nine years on the Heartland Consumer Power District Board and three years on the national American Public Power Association Legislative Policy Committee. Anita was raised in Gettysburg, SD and attended Northern State University in Aberdeen where she majored in Math and Business.

Allen McKiver, Groton, 35 Years
Allen McKiver, a Groton alumni, was driving truck when his wife decided he needed to be home more with their two children. So she applied to the City for a job for Al. Al got the job as Assistant Street Superintendent and served for two years. Then he served as Street and Sewer Superintendent for 26 years. He finally retired in 2007 after being Public Works Superintendent for seven years.

Eddy Nehls, Groton, 43 Years
Eddy Nehls started on the City Council in 1965. He served eight years on the Council before becoming Mayor for four years. After taking a couple years off he became the Police Chief for 15 years and then retired to become a police officer for two more years. Ed then became the Cemetery Caretaker for six years before becoming the Park Superintendent for the last 10 years. Eddy grew up in Groton and ran the Groton Farm Store for a number of years. He and his wife have five children.

Virginia Nehls, Groton, 29 Years
Virginia Nehls became a police dispatcher for the City of Groton while her husband was police chief. She spent 15 years answering the radio whenever he was on duty until County Dispatch was established. Virginia also was Cemetery Caretaker for six years, Assistant Park Superintendent for 10 years and Skating attendant for eight years. Virginia grew up in Groton and raised all five of their children there.

Harlan Radke, Jr., Groton, 28 Years
Harlan (Butch) Radke, Jr, spent 29 years in law enforcement. One year he was a Brown County Deputy Sheriff, 25 years as a Groton police officer, and three years at Groton’s Chief of Police. He retired in 2007 to the farm. He and his wife have three children.

Gerald Rix, Groton, 22 Years
Gerald Rix served as Mayor of Groton from 1990 to 2007 as well as Councilman for five years. Prior to his service to the City of Groton Jerry served on the Groton School Board for 26 years and on the Dacotah Bank Board of Directors for over 20 years. Jerry has been an active dozens of community and church activities. Groton has always been Jerry’s home town where he was a successful farmer. He and his wife have three children.

Dan Fink, Harrisburg, 26 Years
Dan Fink began his career on July 5, 1984 for the City of Harrisburg in the utilities department and is the Utilities Superintendent. The Harrisburg Utilities consists of the streets, water, sewer and parks. In 2005 Dan was awarded the Price-Rees Award from the South Dakota Water Wastewater Association. Dan currently is the President Elect on the Board of Directors of the SDWWA and is the assistant fire chief for the Harrisburg Fire Department. Dan has been married to his wife Judy for 42 years and they have four children and five grandchildren.

Gayle Lloyd, Hecla, 30 Years
Gayle Lloyd began working for the City of Hecla in 1980, serving as Deputy Finance Officer. She was promoted in 1988 to the position of Finance Officer. She has annually been appointed to that position since that time. While filling these two positions, she has served the City of Hecla for 30 years. During this time she has done an extraordinary job of handling the city financial operations, general city policies, and has handled projects for the city which involved grants and loan funding. She has been a real asset to the community.

Darwin Christman, Huron, 25 Years
Water-Sewer Maintenance II

John Coughlin, Huron, 35 Years
Fire Chief

Eileen Deckert, Huron, 45 Years

Ralph DeJean, Huron, 40 Years
Solid Waste Maintenance II

Keith DeShazer, Huron, 33 Years
Parks & Recreation Foreman

Kevin Eckmann, Huron, 22 Years
Fire Fighter

Bill Ehlers, Huron, 36 Years
Police Detective

Mike Hall, Huron, 24 Years
Street Maintenance II

Ross Jensen, Huron, 23 Years
Water-Sewer Maintenance III

Vince Juelfs, Huron, 28 Years
Water-Sewer Superintendent

Jane Kleinsasser, Huron, 28 Years
Account Supervisor

LaRon Klock, Huron, 31 Years
Parks & Recreation Director

Thez Langbehn, Huron, 28 Years
Recreation Specialist

Jan Manolis, Huron, 20 Years
Jan Manolis has worked for the City of Huron as a Temporary Secretary for Planning and Inspection from January 1990 to March 1990. She became a City Commissioner, August 1, 1990 and has continued to serve the City in this capacity ever since. Jan is also the Director of the Jan Manolis Family Safe Center and has worked to eliminate domestic violence for 27 years. She was instrumental in establishing a Family Safe Center in Huron in 1983 and she established the Jan Manolis Family Safe Center in 2009. Jan does a wonderful job for the City and we all enjoy working with her. Thank you, Jan for your commitment and dedication.

Dan Marotteck, Huron, 20 Years
Police Captain

Phil McCaskell, Huron, 21 Years
Street Superintendent

Mark McDermaid, Huron, 21 Years
Traffic Maintenance II

Terry McHenry, Huron, 33 Years
Solid Waste Maintenance II

Troy Merriam, Huron, 23 Years
Traffic Control Supervisor

Denny Meyer, Huron, 32 Years
Deputy Police Chief

Gene Miller, Huron, 34 Years
Police Detective

Jack Neitzert, Huron, 34 Years
Code Enforcement Officer

Clinton Paulson, Huron, 24 Years

DuWayne Pudwill, Huron, 28 Years
Fire Captain

Carrie Schager, Huron, 33 Years
Account Clerk

Doug Schmitt, Huron, 33 Years
Police Chief

Tim Schwartz, Huron, 35 Years
Solid Waste Foreman

Tyler Schwartz, Huron, 34 Years
Park Maintenance II

Bob Simpson, Huron, 21 Years
Street Foreman

Joe Skorheim, Huron, 21 Years
Police Sergeant

Rich Skorheim, Huron, 26 Years
Solid Waste Maintenance II

Leigh Smith, Huron, 20 Years
Water-Sewer Maintenance II

Lanny Thomas, Huron, 23 Years
Engineering Technician

Randal Tounsley, Huron, 29 Years
Fire Captain

Carol Tschetter, Huron, 24 Years
Deputy Finance Officer

Doug Tschetter, Huron, 36 Years
Water-Sewer Maintenance Foreman

Kevin Van Diepen, Huron, 22 Years
Police Captain

Rick Waldner, Huron, 29 Years
Solid Waste Maintenance II

Lyle Zell, Huron, 47 Years
Assistant City Engineer

Harry Weller, Kadoka, 28 Years
Mayor, former councilmember

Frank Andrews, Lake Norden, 21 Years
Frank Andrews has served on Lake Norden City Council since May 1989. During his twenty-one year tenure on the Council, Andrews has been directly involved with the development of new businesses, infrastructure and housing within the city. As a businessperson, he was co-owner of Mr. G’s Bar and Antonen & Hanson Construction Company. Andrews and his wife, Mayor Janet Andrews, raised their children, John and Patti, in Lake Norden. Andrews has retired from the work force however, he continues to be a proponent of Lake Norden through his position as a council member.

Darryl Kastein, Lake Norden, 36 Years
Lake Norden has employed Darryl Kastein for twenty-seven years. Prior to working for Lake Norden, he was employed by Clear Lake for nine and a half years. Kastein’s title is Water & Wastewater Superintendent. However, he oversees all aspects of city maintenance. During winter months, Kastein diligently keeps city streets free of snow. The City’s water system requires continuous supervision as it produces and treats approximately one hundred thirty-seven million gallons of water annually. Kastein maintains Class II Water Treatment, Class I Water Distribution and Class I Stabilization Pond operator certification status. Darryl and his wife Gloria have two children, Darren and Stacy.

Paul Pietila Jr., Lake Norden, 20 Years
Paul Pietila, Jr. served the Lake Norden community for twenty years as a member of the Lake Norden City Council. Pietila first served as an alderman during the years of 1977 through 1983. Then, in 1990, he was re-elected to serve as a council member for Ward I and served until 2004. During his tenure, Pietila served as Council President and Acting Mayor. Pietila and his wife Mary raised their children, Michael, John and Steven, in Lake Norden. Pietila has resided in Lake Norden his entire life and remains an active citizen of the community.

Larry Steffensen, Lake Norden, 41 Years
Larry Steffensen served the Lake Norden community for forty-one years. Steffensen began serving as a council member in May 1963. He continued in this capacity until December 1969 when he was appointed Mayor. During his next thirty-five years as Mayor of Lake Norden, Steffensen faithfully served the businesses and citizens of Lake Norden. Under his leadership in 2002, Davisco Foods International, Incorporated broke ground for a forty million dollar state-of-the-art mozzarella cheese plant. Steffensen is remembered for his dedication to the community and his economic development foresight. Steffensen and his wife Patsy raised their children, Kim and Kasey, in Lake Norden.

John Bunch, Lead, 26 Years
John Bunch began working for the City of Lead in 1984. He has held numerous positions and is the quintessential employee who climbed through the ranks. Currently, he is the Public Works Administrator for Lead. Working in Public Works in the City of Lead is challenging; from the 100 year-old water infrastructure to 300 inches of annual snowfall; nothing is usual for Johnny. He is always the first one out on heavy snowfalls; at times he never made it home. John enjoys hunting, riding his Harley and his family. John and his wife, Gail, reside in Lead.

Bob Carr, Lead, 20 Years
Bob Carr began working for the City of Lead in 1990. Bob is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the underground infrastructure systems in Lead. Just about every repair and upgrade of the systems in the past 20 years has Bob’s signature on it. He responds at all hours of the day, all days of the year to all emergencies. Bob’s cheery personality is addictive and he is quite approachable to discuss any problem and help find a solution. Bob Carr comes from a historied family in Lead and has numerous family members in the community. Bob has three children and six grandchildren.

Trudy Regan, Lead, 25 Years
Trudy Regan began working for the City of Lead in 1986. She started as an Administrative Secretary, but has been the Assistant Finance Officer for “as long as anyone can remember.” Trudy is the anchor of City Hall. She keeps the columns and rows of money in order and is instrumental in the financial well-being of the community. Trudy greets each customer with respect and a sense of humor, regardless of the nature. Trudy is also responsible for the cemetery records, helping many families locate loved ones. Trudy and her husband, Dan, live in Lead. They have two children and five grandchildren.

Curtis Hanks, Lemmon, 40 Years
Curtis Hanks was born-raised in Lemmon, SD. Graduate of Lemmon High School, attended St. Olaf College. US Army Veteran – Korean Conflict. Graduate of USD and USD Law School. Practiced law 45 years in Lemmon and McIntosh, SD. Served as City Attorney for Lemmon 40 years and McIntosh 14 years. Perkins County States Attorney 36 years. Corson County States Attorney 14 years. Serviced at various times as Special Tribal Judge, Chief Appeals Judge, Chief Judge, Associate Justice Supreme Court, and Chief Justice Supreme Court for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe for a total of 36 years.

Art Pederson, Lemmon, 30 Years
Art Pederson began his service to the City of Lemmon on July 16, 1979 and retired on December 31, 2009 with 30 years of dedicated, loyal service to the residents of Lemmon. Art was a street employee until May 1983 at which time he was promoted to City Superintendent. Pederson saw many projects to completion in his years of service including sewer, water, swimming pool, and landfill. Art believes his greatest accomplishment was gaining the trust of Lemmon residents. Art served under 12-14 mayors during his years as City Superintendent. Pederson continues to serve on the Perkins County Rural Water Committee for the City of Lemmon. The City of Lemmon would like to congratulate Art Pederson on his induction into the SDML Hall of Fame.

Roger Almond, Lennox, 31 Years
I have served as Lennox’s Water and Wastewater Superintendent for the past 31 years. In this time I have been a part of several projects including upgrading the lagoon system three times, replaced the 50,000 gallon water tower with two 500,000 gallon towers and added six new wells. I have also helped in replacing a total of 102 blocks of water mains, 68 which were city managed projects. Lennox has gone to a computer system to run the water plant, water towers and wells. I have also assisted with a high-tech camera system offering sewer main video prevention as well as cleaning maintenance plan on a three year schedule.

Marlyn Jacobson, Lennox, 30 Years
In the 30 years of service on the council, I have enjoyed being involved in many projects including a new Senior Center, renovation of the water systems by adding three well sites and two 500,000 gallon water towers, combining the City Library with the school, new Police Station and renovating the business district with the utilities, streets, sidewalks, curb and gutter and new street lights. Currently we are building a new Wastewater Treatment Facility. We have been with the Lewis & Clark project since the beginning. My most satisfying experience in office in the many friends I have had the pleasure of working with in the various city departments.

Orville Wiebers, Lennox, 29 Years
Orville started as a city councilman and chairman of the park committee. Through the years he has taken a hands on approach. He has assisted with planting trees, filling potholes, cleaning the cistern, planting grass on ball diamonds and helping with dugout construction. He is on his third uncontested term as mayor and is still Park Chairman. During these 29 years Lennox was chosen 2008 Small City of the Year for economic development, has built two new water towers, an additional ball diamond, West Evergreen Park, a combined city/school library and is currently working on a new wastewater treatment facility.

John Doblar, Madison, 20 Years
I began employment with the City of Madison in 1982 as part-time employee in the parks department. During the off-season, I worked with load management with the electrical department. In 1985, I was superintendent of the drudging project at Lake Herman which was a cooperative effort between DENR (Department of Natural Resources) and the City of Madison. In June 1989, I became a full time employee with the City of Madison solid waste department and then moved to the street department in 1996. One of the most challenging tasks of working for the city is basically being available and ready to assist when requested. The most gratifying situation is when a citizen has a complaint and I am able to persuade them that their concern is valid and will be addressed fairly and in a professional manner.

Barbara Fitzgerald, Madison, 31 Years
With this being my retirement year, I sit back and reflect on the last 31 years being employed with the City of Madison. When I started the Street, Parks, & Water Departments had just moved into a new building. I started my career as a receptionist answering phones and am ending as Office Manager responsible for the smooth day to day operations of the Public Works Offices. I have been a part of and have watched the departments, as well as my job, transpire into what they are today and it has been quite a journey. But now that journey has come to an end and I am looking forward to the future.

Robert Haug, Madison, 21 Years
I joined the Madison Police Department in June of 1989 as a patrol officer. One of the highlights of my career has been the privilege of helping to provide security for several dignitaries who have visited the Madison area, including Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush. In 1993 I, along with another officer, was instrumental in the arrest and conviction of two murder suspects out of Texas. I became a DARE officer in 1991 and continue teaching the DARE program to Madison 5th graders. I was named SD DARE Officer for eastern SD in 2010. Some of my other duties include Firearms Instructor, Honor Guard, CAST training officer, Housing Coordinator, and school liaison.

Jeff Heinemeyer, Madison, 26 Years
Jeff Heinemeyer is the Finance Officer for the City of Madison. He began his employment in 1984. His past careers include being a business manager 1981-1984 and  restaurant manager 1975-1981. He is married with two children and three step children. Jeff holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from USD and is a Certified Government Finance Manager (CGFM).

Robert Mathison, Madison, 21 Years
I started working for the City of Madison in 1989 as a journeyman lineman. I became lead lineman in 1998 and foreman in 2001. One of the many changes I have seen is the variety of safety equipment being used and the aerial devices.

Dennis Poppen, Madison, 36 Years
I started working for the City of Madison in1974 as an apprentice lineman. I became lead lineman in 1987, Foreman in1998 and Electric Superintendent for the City of Madison in 2001. One of the main changes I have seen is the change from overhead power lines to underground lines and pad mount transformers.

Charles Pulford, Madison, 21 Years
Chuck is married and has four children. A Madison native, he graduated from SDSU with a major in Sociology and a minor in Criminal Justice. He began his law enforcement career in 1979 when hired as a Deputy Sheriff for the Lake County Sheriff’s Department in Madison. He held that  position until January 1987 at which time he joined the Moody County Sheriff’s Department in Flandreau as a Deputy Sheriff, working first as a full time deputy and then continuing to work part- time until 1993. In October 1988, Chuck joined the Madison Police Department as a patrolman. Over the years he has held the rank of Sergeant and Captain and was appointed Chief of Police in January 2004.

Nancy Sabbe, Madison, 32 Years
I became the Director of the Madison Public Library in January 1978. The two biggest changes since I began working at the Public Library have been a remodeling and expansion project which tripled the size of the building and the automation of the library’s catalog and circulation system. I have served on a variety of local boards including the Madison Area Arts Council and Lake County Historical Society. I am active in professional organizations having completed two terms as president of the South Dakota Library Association and serving on the Executive Board of the South Dakota Library Network. I received the South Dakota Library Association’s Librarian of the Year Award in 2010.

Connie Silva, Madison, 28 Years
I graduated from South Dakota State University in May of 1980 with a B.S. degree in Park Management. I started with the City of Madison as the Recreation Director in December of 1981. I was in charge of all the city’s recreation programs, the city pool (in 1979-80), as well as helped in the Parks Department for eight years. In August of 1989 I transferred to the Water Department  where I have worked my way up to the Foreman position at both the Water Plant and Waste Plant. I have been through two major upgrades (one at the Water Plant and one at the Wastewater Treatment Plant), as well as a lot of changes at both to ensure good quality of water and treatment at the waste plant. I was awarded operator of the year for the state of SD in 1996 for Water Treatment, and just recently awarded 20 year of loyal service by the SDWWA.

Robert Thill, Madison, 36 Years
I have been with the city for 30 years and currently I am the Street Foreman. I enjoy working with the public and facing the new challenges every day. I learn new ideas for the job everyday and doing different things and helping the Water Department, Parks and doing the work for the Public Works Department, such as plowing snow, street maintenance, creek maintenance and tree trimming.

Jan Tieman, Madison, 23 Years
I started working full time for the City of Madison on July 6, 1987 on the Garbage Department. I worked on the garbage truck for one and a half years before transferring to the landfill. I then worked at the landfill two years and then I transferred to the Street Department. I worked on the Street Department for six and and a half years. An opening came up on the Water Department so I made a transfer and I have been in this position for 13 years.

Darwin Wollman, Madison, 22 Years
After working for the Arlington SD Police Department for one year, I was hired by the City of Madison as a patrolman in September of 1988. I am currently the Traffic Radar Instructor, the Webmaster for the departments web site and hold the rank of Sergeant. One of the biggest changes in my 23 years of police work would be the technology end such as the equipment we use today. Cell phones, tasers, in car video cameras and computers to name a few.

Duane Tieszen, Marion, 27 Years
Duane was elected City of Marion Alderman for Ward 3 in 1966 and served until 1979 when he was elected Mayor. He held that position until 1993 when he chose to retire from city government. In 1978 Duane was elected as District III Chairman for the South Dakota Municipal League. Duane served on the SDML Board of Directors from 1979 through 1988 serving as President 1986-1987. It was during this time that the SDML Workers’ Compensation Fund and the South Dakota Public Assurance Alliance were created.

Katheryn Tieszen, Marion, 26 Years
In November 1983, I was appointed as the City Finance Officer, a job that I have found both challenging and rewarding. One accomplishment that will always remain with me is the renovation of a city-owned lot adjacent to the city park. With the help of volunteers, donations from citizens, organizations and a generous grant from the Minnesota Twins Fields for Kids program, we were able to construct two ball fields, named “Marion Twin Ball Fields.” I have felt that all the time/efforts put forth for this project were well worth it when seeing the fields used by so many individuals.

Tim McGannon, Mitchell, 20 Years
Director of Public Works for the City of Mitchell. Past President of the South Dakota Chapter American Public Works Association. Member of the South Dakota Board of Operator Certification. Municipal accomplishments while in office include bringing Missouri River Water to Mitchell, SCADA operation of Water Distribution System, successful sighting of a Subtitle D, Regional landfill near Mitchell, recycled 300,000 tons of asphalt and concrete, keeping the material out of landfills, implemented sidewalk project to provide safe paths in Mitchell, implemented Firesteel Watershed program to clean water entering Lake Mitchell, Mitchell awarded “South Dakota’s BEST General Aviation Airport” by the SD Aeronautics Commission in 2007, one of South Dakota’s FIRST curb-side recycling programs, Excel/CAD based Street inventory, and computerized worker/equipment cost accounting.

Marilyn Wilson, Mitchell, 30 Years
Marilyn Wilson began working for the City of Mitchell on February 1, 1980 as the Secretary/Bookkeeper for the Parks and Recreation Department. She transferred to the Finance Department in 1985 and held various positions until being promoted to Finance Officer in 1996. Marilyn is a past President of the SD Governmental Finance Officers’ Association, a SDML Taxation and Revenue Policy Committee member, Resolutions Committee member, past Safety Benefits Board member and a participant in the SDGFOA mentoring program. She is a Certified Municipal Clerk. Marilyn’s community activities past and present include the following: President of the Mitchell United Way, United Way Day of Caring Committee, Mitchell Community Scholarship Fund Treasurer, Kids Vote Committee, Mitchell Area POD Committee, Girl Scouts of Nyoda Council President, Girl Scout leader, and Sunday school teacher.

Virgil Lenling, Mobridge, 20 Years
I started as airport manager of Mobridge Municipal Airport in December 1989. I hold commercial, single and multi engine licenses and am a flight instructor. Also did crop spraying. I am on the safety council for the FAA and the vice president of the SD Airport Management Association.

Ray Erikson, Murdo, 23 Years
Ray has worked for Murdo since 1987 as Utility Man and Water/Wastewater Superintendent. Projects include updating all water and some sewer mains in Murdo, updating the city billing system, switching Murdo to WR/LJ Rural water, tower repairs and installing water to Murdo’s Industrial Park. Other areas of involvement are volunteer fireman, Horizon’s Project, swimming pool and all City recreation activities including the golf course. He and wife Jacquie have two sons, John (and Maureen) of Boulder CO and Paul, (LaTonya and son Bridger) of Murdo. Ray is community and family oriented. He loves holidays, especially Halloween (Spook House) and Christmas.

Meri Jo Anderson, New Underwood, 26 Years
Finance Officer

Benita White, New Underwood, 22 Years
Mayor, former councilmember

Raymond Doering, Parkston, 26 Years
Ray Doering began his tenure with the City of Parkston on October 4, 1983. After serving as a city alderman, the council asked him to rise to the challenge of Finance Officer. He entered an office that was enduring a time of change. Ray built a computerized accounting system from the ground up, some of which is still used today. During his 26 years as City Finance Officer, Ray accomplished many tasks, including managing Parkston’s Municipal Airport, facilitating numerous street, water, and sewer projects, as well as volunteering in many local groups and organizations. He retired December 31, 2009.

Connie Ewing, Rapid City, 39 Years
Connie began working with the City of Rapid City in April 1971, as a temporary employee in the Auditor’s Office. She was hired full time in June of 1971 and worked in the City Auditor’s and Treasurer’s Office until legislation changed those offices to the Finance Office. She has been in City Finance for 39 years. Connie became a Certified Municipal Clerk in July of 1997, was President of the  South Dakota Governmental Finance Officers’ Association in 2003-2004, is a 25 year member Preceptor Alpha Zeta chapter of Beta Sigma Phi, treasurer and board member of the Rapid City Concert Association, is treasurer of the Noontime Toastmasters Club of Toastmasters International and member of the Retired Senior Volunteer Advisory Council. She is a wife and mother of two children and three step children, 14 grandchildren.

Tom Hennies, Rapid City, 35 Years
Tom Hennies was a police officer in Rapid City for 35 years, serving as the Chief of Police the last 16 years. He was directly involved in the rescue and recovery operation during the 1972 Rapid City flood. Tom was a long time member of the South Dakota Police Chiefs’ Association, serving as the President at one time. He served on the SDML Board for ten years and was elected President in 1998.

Kay Rippentrop, Rapid City, 41 Years
Kay began her employment with the City of Rapid City in October 1968. Kay was the Mayor’s Executive Assistant. She retired in 2010 after over 41 years of service. Kay worked with 10 mayors and over 400 council members and numerous citizens. Kay won the Excellence in Municipal Government award in 1994. Kay was the encyclopedia around city hall. She was aware of everything happening or had happened in city government and in the city. Currently Kay serves on the Planning Commission. Since Kay has retired she is enjoying her daughters and grandchildren as well as traveling.

Coleen Schmidt, Rapid City, 36 Years
In 1971, Coleen started working part-time for the City of Rapid City and in February 1972 started full-time. Coleen intended to work about six months organizing the Finance Office and then pursue a more interesting and lucrative career. The flood of 1972 struck four months later-that took care of the interesting part of the job. Coleen continued to find the work enjoyable and interesting during the next 35 years with the City of Rapid City as the Assistant Finance Officer. Coleen retired in 2007. In 2001, she received the Excellence in Municipal Government award. She and her husband Dan have three children and four grandchildren.

Cheryl Johnson, Spearfish, 28 Years
It would have been interesting to have been a fly on the wall on Cheryl Johnson’s first day at the City of Spearfish in the early 1980’s. The city had recently lost an environmental lawsuit over its failed sewage lagoon and Cheryl was charged with leading construction on the new wastewater treatment plant. This was no ordinary construction job. The plant had to be completed quickly while getting the guys used to being told what to do by a woman! Cheryl is now Public Works Director. Throughout the city, her passion for excellence is evident in many well loved community places.

Dave Hahn, Wall, 26 Years
Dave Hahn moved to Wall, SD in 1971 to serve as superintendent of schools until 1974. He owned the local Gambles Store from 1974 to 1996. He purchased the Wall Standard Service Station in 1985 and sold it in 1991. Dave married Carol Richter in 1991 and both are very active in the community. Dave is an active pilot and has volunteered as the Wall Municipal Airport Manager since 1985. He served on the Wall Ambulance Crew from 1973 to 1993 and served as the fire chief on the Wall Fire Department for several years during that timeframe as well. He has been a member of the Wall Methodist Church for over 35 years and served as choir director for 20 years. He became mayor of Wall in 1984 and holds that position still today. A few of the major achievements accomplished during his 25+ years of service are; the Wall Medical Clinic, Wall Community Center, Wall Airport expansion project, Wall Golf Course and a new water well.

Roger Adams, Watertown, 33 Years
Roger Adams plans to retire in April 2011 as Watertown’s Director of Parks, Recreation & Forestry. Roger began his career with the city in January 1977 and was named Director in May 1979 – a position he’s held ever since. Major accomplishments under Roger’s leadership include: an indoor ice arena, 9-hole addition to the golf course, development of a recreational trail system, a new Family Aquatics Center, new and3 expanded softball and baseball field complexes, a soccer field complex, expansion of the City campground and transformation of the Bramble Park Zoo into one of the finest zoos in the Midwest.

Lloyd Kraft, Wessington Springs, 21 Years
The City of Wessington Springs wishes to recognize Lloyd Kraft for his dedication. Lloyd became a councilman in May of 1978 and held that position until April of 1984. Upon the urging of a local citizen he ran again and was elected in 1995 and held the position until April 2007. When the need arose for a Zoning Board Member, Lloyd was appointed in June of 2007 and continues to hold that position. In June of 2010 Lloyd was asked to fill an unexpired Council term. Lloyd has served the City of Wessington Springs for a total of 21 years.

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