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South Dakota Municipal League

Risk Sharing Services

The Director of Risk Sharing Services administers and supervises the daily activities of the SDML-sponsored, self-funded insurance pooled purchasing programs, ensuring the provisions of the best health  and worker's compensation benefits at the lowest possible cost for program members.
If you need help in contacting an insurance board member; have questions for the pool administrators, need help with loss control services or a claims question, or would like to become a member contact the Director of Risk Sharing Services.

Sandi Larson joined the League as the Director of Risk Sharing Services in March 2007.

Risk Sharing Pools

The SDML is proud to sponsor three risk sharing pools.  The SDML has been very instrumental in the formation of the pools that provide Workers' Compensation, Health, Property and Liability coverage to members.  These pools have been very successful in providing broad coverage at stable, fair rates and have saved member entities substantial funds. 

Information and applications are available on each site.

Health Pool of South Dakota

The Health Pool of SD is a risk-sharing fund providing broad health coverage to member's employees.  HPSD is available to any governmental entity in the State of SD.  The Health Pool contracts with an extended Preferred Provider Organization which has numerous providers in the State. 

SDML Workers' Compensation Fund

The SDML Workers' Compensation Fund is a self-funded workers' compensation pool for South Dakota public entities. Public entities can purchase workers' compensation protection through a program endorsed by the South Dakota Municipal League. Since 1987, over 218 cities, counties and special districts have joined this fund.  

South Dakota Public Assurance Alliance 

For information on the third pool offered by the Municipal League, please visit 

208 Island Drive - Ft. Pierre, SD 57532 - 605.224.8654