Code Enforcement

Building Codes
SDCL 11-10-5

IPMC (International Property Maintenance Code)
By adopting the IPMC a city saves time when an issue arises regarding property maintenance.  If a city has no ordinances in place to govern nuisances this code will fill those gaps.  The IPMC outlines the legal steps necessary to address problems.  These codes need to be enforced consistently for all residents.  Selective enforcement will render them useless.  Always work with your city attorney on these issues.

SDCL 11-10-11

Order the IPMC Code

Sample Forms and Notices (these are not intended as legal advice they are for informational purposes only):

Procedures for Condemnations or Notices (Word doc)
Property Maintenance Violations (Word doc)
Public Notice - Grass and Weed Mowing (Word doc)
Complaint Form (Word doc)
Courtesy Notice - IPMC Weeds (Word doc)
Courtesy Notice - Rubbish Garbage (Word doc)
Notice and Order - Condemning letter (Word doc)
Notice and Order - Condemnation - Closing of Vacant Structure - 2009 IPMC (Word doc)
Notice and Order - Exterior Structure - Dangerous Structure - 2009 IPMC (Word doc)
Notice and Order - Exterior Structure - Paint - 2009 IPMC (Word doc)
Notice and Order - Structure Unfit - 2009 IPMC (Word doc)
Notice and Order - Unsafe Equipment - 2009 IPMC (Word doc)
Sample Condemn letter (Word doc)
Groceries for Cars – Flyer (pdf)
Property Maintenance Code 2012 – Flyer (pdf)

Code Enforcement Procedures and Appeals (from City of Sioux Falls) (Word doc)

Nuisance Ordinances (from the City of Philip) (Word doc)

Code Enforcement: Nuisance Ordinances 
A step-by-step plan to deal with a nuisance. Includes samples notices. (Presented at the 2009 Finance Officers' School by Brittany Smith, Deputy Finance Officer, City of Philip)

City of Irving, TX samples provided by 2015 Conference Speaker Teresa Adrian:

Hold Harmless Agreement
Irving Texas - SOPs (Word doc)
Notice - HGW Vacant Placard (Word doc)
Notice - Parking Sticker (Word doc)
One Time Notice - English (2015) (Word doc)
One Time Notice - Spanish (2015) (Word doc)
Thank you Door Hanger
Violation - Address Number Door Hanger
Violation - Alley Maintenance Door Hanger
Violation - Dead Tree Door Hanger
Violation - Fence Door Hanger
Violation - Garage Sale Door Hanger
Violation - High Grass and Weeds Door Hanger
Violation - Holiday Lights Door Hanger
Violation - Junk Motor Vehicle Door Hanger
Violation - Observed from Alley Door Hanger
Violation - Outside Storage Door Hanger
Violation - Oversized Commercial Vehicle Door Hanger
Violation - Parking Door Hanger
Violation - Parking Sticker
Violation - Trash and Debris Door Hanger
Violation - Trash Out Early Door Hanger
Violation - Trash Out Early Half Sheet

SoDace Publications

The Importance of Code Enforcement Brochure

Code Enforcement 101 Brochure

Elected Officials Guide to Code Enforcement

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