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South Dakota Municipal League

Police Department Testing Materials

The South Dakota Police Chiefs Association (SDPCA) and Stanard & Associates, Inc. (S&A) are excited to announce the expansion of our partnership.  S&A has broadened its pre-employment services to offer online application programs, and is introducing its newly-published National Detective/Investigator Test (NDIT). Like the Police Officer Selection Test (POST) and National First- and Second-Line Supervisor Tests (NFLST/NSLST), the NDIT can be ordered directly through the SDPCA. The next time your agency is conducting a hiring or promotional process, please consider these testing products and services now available to South Dakota Law Enforcement Agencies.   

Online Employment Applications
S&A now offers a full-service, online employment application website,  

This comprehensive program handles all facets of the application process, from distributing and collecting candidate applications, to organizing, verifying and recording required documentation, to answering applicant inquiries, to producing a complete listing of applicants ready to move on to the next phase of recruitment.  

With S&A conducting your process, your own staff is freed from the time-consuming and tedious tasks associated with the initial application process.  Best of all, the cost for the application process can be covered entirely by an application fee charged directly to the applicants, resulting in a tremendous cost savings for your agency versus traditional application processes. 

Here’s how it works:  

  • S&A works with your agency to determine the application packet content
  • S&A handles all application process logistics and set up
  • Candidates apply online at S&A’s application website,; candidates pay for all, some, or none of the application fee, at the discretion of the agency
  • S&A screens candidates against minimum qualifications set by your agency; your agency is provided with all applications to review and determine final eligibility
  • S&A communicates with candidates via email throughout the application process, keeping them apprised of pertinent information and next steps  

For more information, please visit: 

The South Dakota Police Chiefs’ Association (SDPCA) has adopted entry-level dispatcher and police officer tests, as well as promotional exams provided by Stanard & Associates, Inc. to help police departments throughout South Dakota hire and promote the best people possible. These tests are inexpensive and highly effective in determining the best applicants, as well as the most qualified officers to promote to supervisory positions.  This program, offered through the SDPCA, allows law enforcement agencies of all sizes to test both their applicants and incumbents to insure that they have the skills to be successful in training, as well as on the job.

Below is detailed information about each test offered and the forms to order the tests. Fill out the order form and fax it to Lori Martinec at the SD Municipal League at 605-224-8655 or email it to Lori Martinec. If you have any questions contact Lori Martinec at 605-224-8654.

Entry-Level Police Officer Exam
The Entry-Level Police Officer exam is a skill based test, testing in the areas of math, reading, grammar, and report writing.  This test is a valid, accurate, and fair method to assess an applicant’s ability to perform the essential functions of the job.  More than 2,000 agencies across the country are currently using this test, as well as several municipal, county and state agencies within South Dakota.  Cities or law enforcement agencies can obtain the tests from the SDPCA.  Scoring the test can be done quickly right in your department.  If you prefer, Stanard & Associates can score the tests for you for an additional fee.  These tests have been validated by Stanard & Associates and have been adopted by 20+ state police chiefs’ associations.

Dispatcher Exam
The Dispatcher exam tests in the areas of multi-tasking, prioritizing, problem solving, reading comprehension and listening.  It has undergone numerous validation studies and is shown to be predictive.  This exam comes with an audio CD and allows you the ability to test many candidates at one time.

First and Second Line Supervisor Exams
First and Second Line Supervisor examinations are also offered through the SDPCA.  These promotional exams were developed with the assistance of hundreds of chiefs and supervisors from throughout the country.  These tests focus on the essentials of the jobs in areas such as: community policing, police patrol, case law, management, criminal investigation and supervision. 

National Detective/Investigator Test (NDIT)
The National Detective/Investigator Test (NDIT) is similar to The National First & Second Line Supervisor Tests currently offered by the SDPCA, but is intended for agencies that are looking to promote officers to the rank of Detective or Investigator. The NDIT is a 75-question, content-valid, written promotional exam derived from three textbooks covering the topics of Criminal Investigations, Major Supreme Court Cases and Investigative Interviewing. A study guide will be required for each candidate that will provide a detailed breakdown of the Areas of Measurement (i.e., a listing of the chapters or sections from each book that candidates should study for the exam).  Please note: Candidates will still need to obtain the actual textbooks to prepare for the exam. A study period of 30 days or more is suggested. All exams will be scored by Stanard & Associates, Inc. and results will be provided to the authorized point of contact overseeing the promotional process for the agency. 

This testing system will help insure that your department identifies individuals with the greatest potential to become successful law enforcement officers and supervisors.  The next time your department is hiring, or promoting, please contact Lori Martinec at the South Dakota Municipal League at 605-224-8654, and ask about the South Dakota Police Chiefs’ Association testing service.

Products developed by Stanard & Associates, Inc.

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