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ID Safety

About ID Safety: A Nationwide Strategy To Prevent And Respond To Identity Crime

An overview of the partnership between the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and Bank of America (BAC)

Why the International Association of Chiefs of Police and Bank of America?

  • BAC and IACP have joined forces in a leadership role to form a unique three-year partnership to develop a nationwide strategy to combat identity crime and provide consumer protection. This strategy will encompass the critical responsibilities of law enforcement, the private sector, and the public. The ultimate goal of the partnership is to educate both the public and law enforcement officials on ways to prevent and respond to identity crime.

What are the IACP and BAC's goals in this partnership?

  • Overall, this partnership will create a comprehensive, multifaceted approach to prevent, investigate, respond to and effectively aid victims of identity crime. As the first joint project, the partnership launched a Web site,, that will educate both consumers and law enforcement about identity crime. As the partnership grows, the IACP and BAC will develop a nationwide strategy to raise citizen awareness of identity crimes and the steps to prevent being victimized. Equally as important will be the bolstering of law enforcement expertise in conducting investigations.

What is unique about the IACP/BAC Web site?

  • marks the first time the banking industry and law enforcement have come together to create a Web site to help consumers and law enforcement officials understand and respond to identity crime. The site guides both victims and law enforcement officials through the sometimes confusing process of preventing identity crime, reporting identity crime incidents, and investigating perpetrators. The Web site will also allow law enforcement around the country to share best practices when it comes to investigating and stopping identity crime.

What are the objectives of IACP/BAC partnership?

  • To accomplish the goals of this partnership, the IACP/BAC will achieve the following objectives:
    • Prevent Identity Crime
      • Spur development of community-based partnerships among financial institutions and law enforcement agencies.
      • Raise citizen awareness of identity crime and the necessary steps to prevent being victimized.
      • Address 'supply-side' activities that potentially contribute to identity compromise.
    • Advance Investigative Techniques
      • Foster an understanding of identity crime on a global level and its potential ties to larger criminal enterprises.
      • Bolster law enforcement's expertise in conducting local and statewide investigations.
      • Advance fusion center-based intelligence practices to fuel investigations.
      • Identify ways to share and exchange investigative best practices.
    • Further a Coordinated Response
      • Provide a clear, uniform message from private sector leaders on the industry's response to victims.
      • Forge clear and uniform protocols from federal, state, local, and tribal agencies in responding to identity crime and assisting victims.
      • Integrate parallel investigations.

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