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South Dakota Municipal League


On or before October 1 – The tax levies for the ensuing year must be certified to the county auditor. (SDCL 10-12-7; See Hdbk. Sec. 12.066)

In October – The State Department of Revenue mails out liquor license application forms to all licensees to be completed and submitted to the local authorities for initial action at the first regular meeting of the governing body in November. (NOTE: This is an administrative determination so no statutory citation is possible.)

Second Monday of October –Native Americans’ Day – State holiday (SDCL 1-5-1)

By October 15 – The secretary of revenue shall apportion the money in the local government highway and bridge fund. (SDCL 32-11-35; See Hdbk., sec. 12.255(6))

No later than November 1 – The special assessment roll for all assessments payable under the Plan One option must be delivered to the county auditor. (SDCL 9-43-105; See Hdbk., sec. 12.160)

No later than November 1 – Delinquent special assessment installments which are payable under the Plan Two option must be certified to the county auditor. (SDCL 9-43-106; See Hdbk., sec. 12.160)

No later than second Tuesday in November – Governing boards wishing to consolidate boards of equalization must approve a resolution outlining consolidated board membership no later than the second Tuesday in November. (SDCL 10-11-66; See Hdbk., sec. 12.120)

Boundary changes – Municipalities must notify the Department of Revenue of any resolution or amendment enacted which changes the boundaries of the municipality. Notification shall be in written form, shall contain a copy of the resolution or amendment, and may be sent by electronic means or registered mail. Municipalities shall also provide any changes and additions to streets and addresses. (SDCL 10-52-13; See Hdbk., sec. 14.172) 

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