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South Dakota Municipal League


No later than May 1 – The liquor tax reversion must be made. (SDCL 35-5-22; See Hdbk., sec. 11.600)

May 1 – Special assessment installments which are payable under either the Plan One or Plan Two options become delinquent. (SDCL 9-43-109; See Hdbk., sec. 12.160)

First meeting following election – Except as otherwise provided, every officer of the municipality will begin to discharge the duties of the office as soon as the officer has qualified by filing an oath or affirmation of office. The oath must be filed within ten days after the first meeting of the month following the election or appointment. (SDCL 9-14-5; See Hdbk., sec. 5.115)

First meeting following election – Appointed municipal officials are usually appointed. The appointment may be annual, or for an interval determined by the governing body. (SDCL 9-14-3)

First meeting following election – In municipalities having the mayor and common council form of government, the council must elect a president and vice-president for the ensuing year. (SDCL 9-8-7; See Hdbk., sec. 2.520)

First meeting following election – In municipalities governed by a mayor and four commissioners, the board must designate by a majority vote, the following commissioners: Public Safety, Public Works, Utilities, and Finance and Revenue. Commissioners are assigned areas of responsibility under the law. (SDCL 9-9-18 to 9-9-24; See Hdbk., sec. 2.590)

First meeting following election – In municipalities governed by a mayor and two commissioners, the board shall by a resolution adopted by a majority, assign and apportion between the members, all duties that are not assigned to the mayor. (SDCL 9-9-27; See Hdbk., sec. 2.595)

First meeting following election – In those municipalities employing a city manager and under the commissioner form of government, at the first regular meeting in the month following the annual election, the commissioners must elect one of their members to serve as mayor for a term of one year. (SDCL 9-10-6; See Hdbk., sec. 2.615)

By May 15 – The secretary of revenue shall apportion the money in the local government highway and bridge fund. (SDCL 32-11-35; See Hdbk., sec. 12.255(6))

Tax levy – The governing body of the municipality may impose an excess tax levy with an affirmative two-thirds vote of the governing body on or before July fifteenth of the year prior to the year the taxes are payable. The decision to increase taxes must be published within 10 days of the decision (certain publication size restrictions apply), and may be referred upon a petition signed by at least five percent of the registered voters in the municipality and filed within twenty days of publication of the decision. The referendum election shall be held on or before October first preceding the year the taxes are payable. (SDCL 10-13-36; See Hdbk., sec. 12.170)

Last Monday of May – Memorial Day – State holiday (SDCL 1-5-1)

June elections – Follow the Municipal Election Calendar for all election deadlines.

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