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South Dakota Municipal League

Municipal Calendar
When conducting the affairs of the municipality, the governing body is obligated to perform certain duties by a specified time.  Examples can be found in the areas of elections, finance, and appointments.

It is the intent of this calendar to bring these statutory requirements together in a consolidated grouping which can be considered the municipal calendar.  This calendar can be useful as a quick reference to the various statutory requirements which must be met in any given month. More complete details for each area can be found in the referenced section of the Handbook for Municipal Officials. Publication Order Form

As you browse the calendar please note the statutory references following the calendar items.  All South Dakota Codified Laws (SDCL) can be found at the Legislative Research Council's website.

Municipal Calendar as it appears as Appendix A in the Handbook for Municipal Officials.

This section has been update to reflect changes as of July 1, 2016.

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